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Betting Soccer

3 Types of Soccer Bets Offered by American Sportsbooks

Soccer is the number one favorite sport in South America, Europe and Asia. However, it doesn’t have enough coverage in the USA, to surpass these continents statistics. North Americans use the word “football” to refer to their number one sport: American Football. Their one and only loved the sport.

On the other hand, bets are still a profitable source of income. Soccer is still a rising go-to sport for betting. The NFL can’t just beat the billions that soccer gathers every day. The sport has popular leagues in several nations, so it is a worthy sport to bet on.

In this article, we’re going to talk about the three most offered soccer bets, found at popular American online bookmakers.

Small Spreads

The score, in soccer, tends to be low. Some matches can even have an outcome of 0-0 points. This represents an opportunity to bet for the score of each game, giving more chances to be the lucky winner of the grand prize. This is the most appreciated by bettors, who feel more confident when they try to predict the final score of each game.

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Full-Time Outcome

Another option, available to place bets on the soccer section, are the full-time outcomes. This category consists of determining the final result of the entire match, choosing which team will be the winner. Unlike the previous category, you don’t need to provide a precise score.

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Nil-nil type of draws isn’t such a big barrier. If you gather enough information and see the performance of the team, it’s quite easy to determine which one you’ll bet on. The most valuable tip we can give you is not to be afraid to gamble. It’s very common, for fans, to bet on their favorite team and get favored.

Props and Live Betting

These bets are made live, where the bettors put their predictions on the table and their price for them. These are unusual bets since they are mostly made for the sake of people that like to have fun. For example, it can be determined the precise moment and amount of goals a particular player will score or which player will have the first foul, among others.

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Those are the three, most widely spread types of betting, online sportsbooks have to offer when betting on soccer. We hope you take advantage of them and find them profitable. Also, never forget to enjoy the game!